Holiday hours

It’s that time of the year where we need a break to celebrate holidays with our people, (not that YOU reading are not “our people”, but i mean our immediate peoples). So that being said the shop will close for the week between Christmas and New years.

Specifically closed:

Friday the 25th thru – Friday the 1st.

So we’ll be back on Saturday the 2nd for normal hours (11-7 M-F, 11-5 S)

thanks, and i hope everyone has a really FABULOUS!!!! end of the year!!!!

Love ya,


Beat the rush…

We’ve all been pining for that spring weather (no one more than me)…..and it looks like it’s on the horizon. Dust off yer boots, grab yer bike, and GET IT IN HERE!!!! Get your bike tuned-up before it gets crazy busy. If you brought your bike in i could have it gleaming and working so very well, in no more than 2 days. 2 DAYS TOPS!!! all for $65.00. We’ll work on any bike out there. It doesnt matter what type/quality/brand, If you love your bike, than we love that you love your bike.

The time is nigh.



Overhaul special….since it sucks outside

Because the weather hasn’t exactly been condusive for riding we’re suggesting you get your bike overhauled.  Price is $160. Ok yeah, that’s the normal price but… that price includes free new bar tape, and new cables (that’s almost $50 worth of free stuff). Turn around time is no more than 3 days TOPS!

Not sure what a complete overhaul is, and why would you want to do that anyway? Well, it’s something you should do at least once a year. Nothing will increase the well being of your bike more than this. Here is what WE do:

1: frame is stripped of all components, cleaned/waxed, and inspected for damage. Threads chased, re-greased. .

2: all components are cleaned in the parts washer, and re-lubricated.

3: all bearing surfaces are cleaned and re-greased. new bearings as needed.

4: bicycle is re-assembled with new cables, bartape, and completely tuned.

your bike is going to perform flawlessly, and look totally badass! Why put it off any longer? Your machine has treated you so well this year. Why not pay it back and show it how much you love it?


mason out.

Holiday break!!

Thank you everyone! For an Awesome year we’ve decided to reward ourselves with a little time off.

That is, we’re gonna close the shop starting Christmas day until the 3rd of next year. It is a well needed break, and it sucks if it conflicts with any of yer bicycle needs that week….But were still gonna do it….for Mason….for James….and of course for Penny (she really put it to it this year!). So thank you tons and tons for letting us do this, and we’ll see ya next year!!!!

Specifiacllly the 3rd. Thats the day we will return. OK!

Thanks! Have Happy holidays, get on yer bike, and keep it real!

Mason, James, and Penny


Saturday sale, and Turkey stuff.

Hey! Just wanna say that we will be closed on Thanksgiving day, and the following Friday.

We will return for normal hours on Saturday. Also If you wanna come in that day (Saturday), and buy something, I’ll give you 20% off. 20% off anything in the store…..ANYTHING! Not the dog, but really! All bikes, and all bits. It only applies to stuff in stock, and It’s only Saturday.



2015 Bianchi bikes in stock

Hey, long time. We’ve been stuper busy, and my duties as “blog Tsar” have been put aside as a result. 2015 bikes fro Bianchi have been hitting the floor. Here are just a couple of note: Bianchi Intenso Veloce…. full carbon frame, and fork. Campagnolo veloce 10s components, and Fulcrum wheelset. IN CELESTE!!!!  $2699.99

hey! that bike is cool! I would look good as hell on that rig.

hey! that bike is cool! I would look good as hell on that rig.

Bianchi Impulso 105. Way cool road bike. triple hydroformed aluminum frame, with carbon fork. Shiamno 105 componets, and Shimano wheelset. Matte black finish with celeste accents $1499.99

IMG_2688Also, Bianchi Torino: Great pavement bike. Very comfortable upright position. Shimano components. Light weight aluminum frame, and tires large enough to feel stable over pavement, or the loose stuff too. Available in a slew of colors– Cleleste, green, grafite, yellow, blue, and pink. step thru available as well. $479.99


new year resolution….

… post more photos of cool bikes that come through the shop!

I’ll start the new year with this one: euskaltelGotta admit, this rig is the s**t!!!  Orbea’s top end frame offering, in the now defunct, Euskatel Euskadi pro team (R.I.P.) paint scheme.

This year marks another improvement on the Orca model.  Improved aerodynamics, internal cable routing,  new tubes shapes, and the ability to run electric or mechanical shifting systems. This one is fitted with Shimano Ultegra 6800. I shouldn’t really need to say much more, as I’ll let the bike speak for me.


thanks, and I promise to keep this site updated more frequently.



Closed for thanksgiving

We’ll be closed on Thursday the 28th thru Sunday the 1st. We’re coming back on Monday for normal hours.

if ya need something over the weekend, feel free to email me @

I’ll get back to ya lickity split.

thanks, and do some over-eating this weekend. That’s my plan.




Bicycle sale

Starting RIGHT NOW! I’ve got to make room for 2014 bikes…which are trickling in. So what that means is, I’ve reduced the price on almost every 2013 bike is stock. The discounting is as much as 50% off. Discounts only apply to bikes in stock, and they’re discounted until they’re gone.

Stop in and check out what I’ve got. Or just come in to chat, as the weather is turning a little earlier than expected and it’s lonely in here. Penny is good company, but she cannot speak….


Thursday night rides

Yup. Every Thursday, for as long as the weather will allow, we’re gonna ride at night on some mountain bikes (though a cross bike would work, if you’re up to it)

We’re planning on meeting at the shop at 7:30 P.M.  We’ll decide between Alum Creek Phase 1, or phase 2, and can car pool up there. Bring some lights if you gottem, and if you don’t I have several sets of loaners you’re welcome to borrow for the night (they’re first come first serve).

If it’s raining we will probably cancel, or we could figure out something else.

If you have any questions, or would like to criticize my lousy grammar feel free to call the shop. (614)891-5654

Maso out (bro dawg)!