Bicycle sale

Starting RIGHT NOW! I’ve got to make room for 2014 bikes…which are trickling in. So what that means is, I’ve reduced the price on almost every 2013 bike is stock. The discounting is as much as 50% off. Discounts only apply to bikes in stock, and they’re discounted until they’re gone.

Stop in and check out what I’ve got. Or just come in to chat, as the weather is turning a little earlier than expected and it’s lonely in here. Penny is good company, but she cannot speak….


Thursday night rides

Yup. Every Thursday, for as long as the weather will allow, we’re gonna ride at night on some mountain bikes (though a cross bike would work, if you’re up to it)

We’re planning on meeting at the shop at 7:30 P.M.  We’ll decide between Alum Creek Phase 1, or phase 2, and can car pool up there. Bring some lights if you gottem, and if you don’t I have several sets of loaners you’re welcome to borrow for the night (they’re first come first serve).

If it’s raining we will probably cancel, or we could figure out something else.

If you have any questions, or would like to criticize my lousy grammar feel free to call the shop. (614)891-5654

Maso out (bro dawg)!


Mountain Bike Short Track Series in Columbus

You can do anything for 25 minutes right? Starting July 21 (Tomorrow) Cap City cycling club in Columbus is putting on a MTB short track series every Sunday afternoon. Mountain Bike short track races consist of a less than 1 mile course which participants go around several times in the allotted time frame (25-35 minutes).  The races are held at Darree Fields in Dublin.  These races are for anyone with a mountain bike (or access to a mountain bike) with any experience level.  If you’re not having fun you’re doing it wrong.  Here’s a flier with the times and dates. .

We will be there with a tent and a most necessary cooler of chilled refreshments.  Come and stop by!

we WILL fix that.

For real. We fix stuff…mostly bikes. We’ve got the tools, and the gusto to get your job DONE!!! IMG_2203I mean come on! Look at those tools, they are begging to be used to make your bike perform flawlessly, that’s what they were made to do.

You never need an appointment for repairs. Just bring yer rig in whenever you want, and we’ll be happy assess and address your bicycle issues.

Great Divide Mountain Bike Race 2013

Kristen here.kristen's mtb

What do you do after you graduate from college?  Jump into a job, sun bathe in the Bahamas, retreat to your parents basement, or decide to do something totally awesome but also totally challenging?  For the past few months I have been acquiring gear, reading blogs, talking to veterans, and doing a bunch of mountain biking to prepare for the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race .  Ride The Divide mountain bike race is an individual time trial self-supported race from Banff Canada to Antelope Wells New Mexico along the Continental Divide totaling 2,745 miles.  Yeah, lots of mountains.  Although I will be racing this individually, I will be attending the race with my boyfriend Taylor and close friend Chris.  Do I know there are bears? Yes.  Have I seen the movie and saw that girl with the swollen sausage-like legs? Yes.  Am I totally psyched and ready to see some breathtaking scenery  over a multitude of terrains? You bet ya.  As of now there are 78 people registered and only 1 other woman besides myself. Come on Ladies!  This race is daunting, and in my opinion unfathomable.  How much can you really prepare for riding 150 miles a day through mountains for weeks, without having done the race before (it is common for people who have done the race once, to do it again)?  It was not long ago that I jumped on a mountain bike for the first time (September of 2011), but I have made many friends and acquired many bike things to encourage and make it possible for me to have a post-graduation pre-career freak out.

As my experiences in cycling accumulate, I acquire more excitement and enthusiasm about different types of events and disciplines.

You can track me along the route starting June 14 at .


Spring Hours

If you frequent this site (and I’m sorry it’s never updated) then you may have noticed, that the hours located to the right, have changed. —————————->

We’re extending the shop hours to 7 postmeridian through the week to keep up with the ever extending day light.

thanks, and hopefully I’ll see ya soon!

If you want one of these things lemme know!

Yeah so…I got some stickers made. They’re pretty simple, but (obviously from the photo) pleasing to behold. They’ve got Penny plastered on em, and If you want to add to Penny’s ever-inflating ego you can have a couple to put places. Just let me know. Call the shop or e-mail me your address, and I’d be happy to send some out. Seriously! It would make me happy! Really! Do it!

new Gunnar bicycles, and Penny!

Lots of stuff going on as of late.

First up, Penny (the shop dog) was featured in an article in Westerville Magazine. She looks pretty good, and if you ask me kinda stole the spot light from them other animals. click on the photo of penny to see the article———————>




Second up. We’ve built up a couple cool bikes from Gunnar.  The photos don’t really do these bikes justice. They’re pretty stinking RAD, and they ride even better than they look.

English blue is a  Roadie with Campagnolo Athena. Dude. DUDE! Nice throw-back paint job, and polished ALU components equals group ride jealousy.

Super Green rig is a Crosshairs with a Shimano 105 group and Shimano’s dedicated cross crankset. It’s also got Shimano’s new(ish) CX-70 canti brakes


Cool as hell! Amiright or amiright?


Mason out.

Stooper busy lately

Jeez Loiuse! Sorry I haven’t kept up with this site, but the shop has been buzzing. I have a ton of stuff to show you guys, it’s just a matter of getting to it all.

Summer has been great this year. Tons of cool bikes have come through the shop in the past couple months… LIKE THIS!

This is Sean B. with his new Gunnar Rock Tour! You see this bike and 2 questions instantly  pop into your head. 1: how big IS that bike?! 2: why a “Rock Tour”? Well, the bike is HUGE…HUGE! and a Rock Tour because Sean is planning on racing the 2013 edition of the  “Tour Divide“. You can check his progress/root him on through his blog here. We’re all pretty stoked for Sean and wish him the best.


Also If you haven’t heard already there is a new race series in town. Cap City Short track MTB. here is the link. The next race is on July the 29th. be there or be forever square.



Maseo out. (no jerks)



extended hours

Starting now the shop will remain open until at least 7pm Monday through Friday. Saturday hours remain the same at 11ish until 5.  If you can’t make it to the shop by the posted hours feel free to give a call, and chances are we’ll still be here doing…something.