Overhaul special till FEB 28th

ALLLRIGGHHTTTTTT. It’s the time of year for paybacks!!! Paying back your bicycle is what I mean. Payback your bicycle with an OVERHAUL!

I mean JEEZ…. this is the least you could do to insure it’s well being for the next year of abuse.  Price is $175. Ok yeah, that’s the normal price but… that price includes free new bar tape, and new cables (that’s almost $50 worth of free stuff). Turn around time is no more than 3 days TOPS!

Not sure what a complete overhaul is, and why would you want to do that anyway? Well, it’s something you should do at least once a year. Nothing will increase the well being of your bike more than this. Here is what WE do:

1: frame is stripped of all components, cleaned/waxed, and inspected for damage. Threads chased, re-greased. .

2: all components are cleaned in the parts washer, and re-lubricated.

3: all bearing surfaces are cleaned and re-greased. new bearings as needed.

4: bicycle is re-assembled with new cables, bartape, and completely tuned.

your bike is going to perform flawlessly, and look totally badass! Why put it off any longer? Your machine has treated you so well this past year. Why not pay it back and show it how much you love it?

price is good till the end of February.




Christmas hours, Bike prices reduced, Revelate

Hey guys. Just wanted to let anybody who gives a hoot, that we will NOT be open the week between Christmas and New Years. We shall return on Monday the 2nd.


In the meantime all previous year model bikes have been reduced in price, So check out whats still in stock. they’ll be cheap till they’re gone.

We got some cool “bike packing” bags in from Revelate Designs. Way cool Made in USA stuff for hauling all your stuff on your bicycle. Maybe it’s time to plan a trip via bike now that the weather is bitter bitter cold…

ho ho ho



2017 Bikes are arriving

I’m sure at this point your head is throbbing from your election hangover, and you are in desperate need of remedy.

Welp, here ya go!!!! New bikes from Bianchi and Gunnar are poppin in this shop, and ready to help you clear your head from all the political static you’ve tolerated for the past year.


here are two “MIND MELTERS” currently in the shop:

002up first is this gem. Gunnar’s American made steel Fastlane frame with Shimano hydro stoppers, and some fatty 35mm slicks from Schwalbe.

003another steel ride. This one is from Bianchi. Vigorelli 105. YESSSSSS!!!!

this is all i’m gonna post for now, but we’ve got a lot more than these 2!!!! Lots of used bikes too!!