Stooper busy lately

Jeez Loiuse! Sorry I haven’t kept up with this site, but the shop has been buzzing. I have a ton of stuff to show you guys, it’s just a matter of getting to it all.

Summer has been great this year. Tons of cool bikes have come through the shop in the past couple months… LIKE THIS!

This is Sean B. with his new Gunnar Rock Tour! You see this bike and 2 questions instantly  pop into your head. 1: how big IS that bike?! 2: why a “Rock Tour”? Well, the bike is HUGE…HUGE! and a Rock Tour because Sean is planning on racing the 2013 edition of the  “Tour Divide“. You can check his progress/root him on through his blog here. We’re all pretty stoked for Sean and wish him the best.


Also If you haven’t heard already there is a new race series in town. Cap City Short track MTB. here is the link. The next race is on July the 29th. be there or be forever square.



Maseo out. (no jerks)



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