Great Divide Mountain Bike Race 2013

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What do you do after you graduate from college?  Jump into a job, sun bathe in the Bahamas, retreat to your parents basement, or decide to do something totally awesome but also totally challenging?  For the past few months I have been acquiring gear, reading blogs, talking to veterans, and doing a bunch of mountain biking to prepare for the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race .  Ride The Divide mountain bike race is an individual time trial self-supported race from Banff Canada to Antelope Wells New Mexico along the Continental Divide totaling 2,745 miles.  Yeah, lots of mountains.  Although I will be racing this individually, I will be attending the race with my boyfriend Taylor and close friend Chris.  Do I know there are bears? Yes.  Have I seen the movie and saw that girl with the swollen sausage-like legs? Yes.  Am I totally psyched and ready to see some breathtaking scenery  over a multitude of terrains? You bet ya.  As of now there are 78 people registered and only 1 other woman besides myself. Come on Ladies!  This race is daunting, and in my opinion unfathomable.  How much can you really prepare for riding 150 miles a day through mountains for weeks, without having done the race before (it is common for people who have done the race once, to do it again)?  It was not long ago that I jumped on a mountain bike for the first time (September of 2011), but I have made many friends and acquired many bike things to encourage and make it possible for me to have a post-graduation pre-career freak out.

As my experiences in cycling accumulate, I acquire more excitement and enthusiasm about different types of events and disciplines.

You can track me along the route starting June 14 at .


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