If you want one of these things lemme know!

Yeah so…I got some stickers made. They’re pretty simple, but (obviously from the photo) pleasing to behold. They’ve got Penny plastered on em, and If you want to add to Penny’s ever-inflating ego you can have a couple to put places. Just let me know. Call the shop or e-mail me your address, and I’d be happy to send some out. Seriously! It would make me happy! Really! Do it!

new Gunnar bicycles, and Penny!

Lots of stuff going on as of late.

First up, Penny (the shop dog) was featured in an article in Westerville Magazine. She looks pretty good, and if you ask me kinda stole the spot light from them other animals. click on the photo of penny to see the article———————>




Second up. We’ve built up a couple cool bikes from Gunnar.  The photos don’t really do these bikes justice. They’re pretty stinking RAD, and they ride even better than they look.

English blue is a  Roadie with Campagnolo Athena. Dude. DUDE! Nice throw-back paint job, and polished ALU components equals group ride jealousy.

Super Green rig is a Crosshairs with a Shimano 105 group and Shimano’s dedicated cross crankset. It’s also got Shimano’s new(ish) CX-70 canti brakes


Cool as hell! Amiright or amiright?


Mason out.

Stooper busy lately

Jeez Loiuse! Sorry I haven’t kept up with this site, but the shop has been buzzing. I have a ton of stuff to show you guys, it’s just a matter of getting to it all.

Summer has been great this year. Tons of cool bikes have come through the shop in the past couple months… LIKE THIS!

This is Sean B. with his new Gunnar Rock Tour! You see this bike and 2 questions instantly  pop into your head. 1: how big IS that bike?! 2: why a “Rock Tour”? Well, the bike is HUGE…HUGE! and a Rock Tour because Sean is planning on racing the 2013 edition of the  “Tour Divide“. You can check his progress/root him on through his blog here. We’re all pretty stoked for Sean and wish him the best.


Also If you haven’t heard already there is a new race series in town. Cap City Short track MTB. here is the link. The next race is on July the 29th. be there or be forever square.



Maseo out. (no jerks)



extended hours

Starting now the shop will remain open until at least 7pm Monday through Friday. Saturday hours remain the same at 11ish until 5.  If you can’t make it to the shop by the posted hours feel free to give a call, and chances are we’ll still be here doing…something.




basque(ing) in new arrivals…..

Just got a buncho stuff hailing from the basque region of Spain! From Orbea we’ve got Aqua T23 and Aqua TTGs at reduced prices….T23s at 699.99 and TTGs at 1049.99.


Also this week we picked up a new helmet line by Catlike. They make super unique helmets…like these—–>

remember em? Floyd Landis wore one the year he didn’t “win” the Tour de France.  Heinrich Haussler road almost all day solo on stage 13 of the 2009 Tour de france, and the only thing you could think was where you could buy one of those sweet helmets?!?! look no further….



p.s. sorry for the pun.











Campagnolo Pro Shop

We’ve been a Campagnolo “Pro Shop” for years. We sell, service, and ride “Campy”. It’s a company that does things a little slower, and is hesitant to hop onto current trends. A company that still thinks integrity is as important as the operation of its products. We ride Campy because it works well, is serviceable, and is intuitive. Stop in or call the shop. We love to talk “Campagnolo”.

New web site

Thanks for visiting the shop’s new website. With a blog format we think it will be easier to show whats current and the goings on at the shop. Thanks for visiting, and check often to see current offerings, pics of whats going on, and specials.